Straight teeth with Invisalign "Clear Braces"

A better looking alternative to braces - "Invisible Braces".

Invisalign is the virtually invisible way th straighten teeth without braces. Invisalign uses a series of clear and removable trays that straighten your teeth with beautiful results sooner than you may think. The treatment is simple, come see us to change your trays approximately every 6 weeks and watch your teeth move into a straighter position step by step until you have a brilliant smile! And unlike braces, you can remove the trays when you eat and brush!  Most people won't even know you are wearing the aligners!

Invisalign has some major advantages over conventional braces simply through its unique patented design. Suddenly, everything that makes conventional braces so uncomfortable has disappeared. The wires, the elastics and the brackets are all replaced by a number of minimalist, plastic aligners. The streamlined design of Invisalign is both simpler to work with and more aesthetically pleasing.

Invisalign uses advanced computer software to analyse your malocclusion and, at the direction of your dentist, design aligners to improve your smile.  You can even see a computer generated movie of how your teeth will move before you begin treatment!

Invisalign can be used to treat many problems in adults and teens!

Whether your problem is a minor one or something you are uncomfortable about, our trained Invisalign dentist is here to help. Dr. Ian Collins has completed advanced training in Invisalign orthodontics. Invisalign is successful in treating overly crowded or widely spaced teeth. It can also relieve more complex issues, including overbites, under bites and even cross bites. Let us help you achieve the smile of your dreams, its now a reality. Call us today on 9741 2666.

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